Political Campaign Signs Rules


The FIRST day to request an absentee ballot is Friday, May 3, 2024. 

The LAST day to request an absentee ballot is Thursday, July 25, 2024.

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Campaign Sign Ordinances

    Political signs may not be placed on right of ways or without permission.

    Campaign Signs are to be Removed within 2 weeks of election day.

    Candidates may not be fined for failure to remove signs.

    Display of Campaign Materials

    Within the 100 foot boundary during Early Voting & Election Day


    Candidates may only enter the polling place to vote. They may not campaign while there and, other than voting, they must not approach nearer than 100 feet to any polling place. Candidates may enter a polling place after the close of polls.


    Campaign material may not be displayed nearer than 100 feet to any polling place, except on private property.


    T.C.A. 2-7-111(b)(1) provides:


    Within the appropriate boundary …and the building in which the polling place is located, the display of campaign posters, signs, or other campaign materials, distribution of campaign materials, and solicitation of votes for or against any person or political party or position on a question are prohibited. No campaign posters, signs or other campaign literature may be displayed on or in any building or on the grounds of any building in which a polling place is located.


    It is the opinion of the Coordinator of Elections, State of Tennessee, that “the display of” means showing or making something public within the 100- foot boundary. “Campaign materials” encompasses not only the items listed in T.C.A. 2-7-(b), i.e., “Campaign posters, signs or other campaign

    materials… or other campaign literature” but to also mean all political paraphernalia, i.e., hats, buttons, pins, cards, tee-shirts and anything else that may be worn or carried for its political message. “Solicitation of votes” includes all verbal and non-verbal campaign or politicking. Thus, wearing or carrying campaign items constitutes solicitation of votes and is prohibited.

    Therefore, these items must be left outside the 100-foot boundary of the polling place or they must be somehow hidden so that they are not capable of delivering a political message.